SporeganamousMerging mystic vibrations from the east with west coast bass music, Sporeganic is a sonic shaman, on a mission to save the world through sound.

An intentional musical project with a goal of unconditional liberation for all! Global transformation begins on the dance floor.

Sporeganic was born sometime around 2009. After years of incubation, I have released a full album, 4 EP’s on the Street Ritual label, 2 one hour-long original mixes and performed at countless shows & festivals around the country.

After touring the west coast with Knowa Knowone & Bird of Prey summers ago, I’ve since shared the stage with acts like Thriftworks, Nicoluminous, Infected Mushroom, EOTO, BLVD, The Fungineers, Kaminanda & more. I’ve also played at festivals like Burning Man (Fractal Nation, Camp ?, Buddha Lounge, etc…), Earthdance, EMRG’N’SEE, Re:Generation, Emissions and Gem & Jam, to name a few.

The year 2012 was huge and saw 4 EP’s released, as well as an upcoming full-length album titled “Avatar Juice” being released on December 21, 2012. Look for lots of big things in the future, including music videos & a custom visuals setup!

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